About Corporate Saviour

In the liberalized economic policy regime, the corporate sector has been assigned a major role as the driver of growth and development of the Indian economy. This has resulted in a number of changes, especially in the regulatory framework applicable to specific industry sectors. As an economy is consist of different industries like agriculture, service, engineering, manufacturing etc., it provides impetus to the economy i.e. employment generation, production of goods and services, income distribution in the whole economy.

With the intent to further enhance the competitiveness of India’s services sector and to boost productivity with the creation of new employment opportunities, the Central Government has focused attention on 12 sectors in the economy as ‘Champion Sectors’ i.e., IT & ITeS, Tourism and Hospitality, Financial, Accounting and Finance, Transport and Logistics, Construction and Related Engineering, Communication, Education, Medical Value Travel, Audio Visual, Legal and Environmental.

As part of its support to government’s policy initiatives, the Institute has started an initiative by projecting Company Secretary as ‘Corporate Saviour’- a person who can be relied upon by stakeholders i.e., Corporates, Promoters, Shareholders, Government and Regulators.

With this basic objective, the institute has initiated the process of developing industry specific knowledge through research, creating awareness among the members about the contribution the Company Secretary can make in specific industry, capacity building of members in the specific industry, securing recognitions for members in specific industry sector, and sensitisation of regulatory authorities about the contribution the Company Secretaries can make in specific industry.